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Invoicing & Proposals

Pick a client, add positions & send your invoice with one click. Write your invoices in minutes and track payments easily.

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Manage accounting yourself

Book your incomes and spendings and generate an EÜR or an UStVA. Your accountant can see your bookings and can export them with one click.

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Timetracking for freelancers

Always know how many hours you worked for your clients. Your can easily export your worksheets and send them to your client.

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Always know how much free time is left

Plan your months and weeks and keep track of your income goals. Planning is easy with goodlance.

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Projectmanagement for freelancers

There are hundrets of great projectmanagement tools - Goodlance combines the best of them and focuses on freelancers. Plan, organize and review your project, including collaboration with your client and other freelancers.

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Manage your clients

Keep track of your clients and all important informations like contact details, projects, income and more.

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